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Golf Fitness & Injury in South Calgary

Dr. Dale Byrne in South Calgary offers golf fitness and injury help.One of the keys to performance on the golf course is the biomechanics of the golf swing. There are multiple ways to swing a golf club and one most efficient way for each person. Poor conditioning and limitations of the body can lead to a breakdown in efficiency and ultimately a poorer golf game. Limitations of the body will affect the alternating pattern of mobility and stability within the body. If this pattern is altered, dysfunction and compensation will occur.

Mobility and Stability

Mobility is the combination of joint range of motion and muscular flexibility. Stability is the ability of any system or body segment to remain unchanged or aligned in the presence of change or outside forces. Stability is created by combining balance, strength and endurance. The ability to keep one part of the body secure while adjacent segments are in motion allows the body to generate speed and maintain a consistent posture throughout the golf swing.

Dr. Byrne is a certified golf fitness instructor with the Titleist Performance Institute. A golf fitness assessment will find short-comings in both the limitations of mobility, as well as the weakness of stability, and allows for recommendations of golf specific exercises and drills to help improve your game.

Golf Injury Rehabilitation

Dr. Byrne is a Level 2 certified medical practitioner with the Titleist Performance Institute. By use of a golf related SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), one can identify injury inducing faulty movement patterns that can be treated. The human body will migrate towards predictable patterns of movement in response to injury or in the presence of weakness, tightness or structural abnormality. Utilization of chiropractic adjustments and therapy with golf specific exercises and drills will help the golfer return to the course pain free.

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