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Testing, Testing: What's Your Concussion Reading?

man walking in balanceWhen you have baseline testing at Dr. Dale Byrne, we can get an overall score that shows the likelihood of whether you’ve had a concussion. Since there is no definitive diagnostic testing for concussion, this evaluation serves as a benchmark in the event a concussion occurs.

A Thorough Look at Your Brain’s Function

During your testing, we’ll look at a myriad of factors that can indicate the likelihood of whether you have had a concussion. These include measures such as neurocognitive function, vestibular and oculomotor systems and balance.

From getting a multifaceted look at your brain’s function ,we can determine not only whether you have had a concussion but which area of your brain is affected. This invaluable information will serve as our guide in rehabilitating your brain.

Knowing What Your Brain Needs

The results you get from your testing will show us which rehabilitation activities, exercises and programs will resolve your concussion symptoms at the fastest possible rate.

In addition to these instructions, we’ll have you get 48-72 hours of rest. This is your brain’s time to reset itself. That’s why we tell our patients to refrain from stimulants such as video games, computers and mobile phones. We can retest you after this time period has passed to know definitively how your symptoms have subsided. Most of our patients are shocked at how quickly they recover when they give their brain the time it needs to recharge!

Learn more today about how we can help adults and children alike recover from concussion. Contact our team today!

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