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A Hit to the Head

a child blowing a dandelionHave you ever had a concussion? Maybe you were diagnosed with one or perhaps you simply suspect that you had one but didn’t get any attention for it. A qualified medical professional can assess you for a concussion, then prescribe the appropriate treatment to help you recover as quickly as possible. Ideally, we’d like to see you in the 48-72 hours immediately following your incident. You can, however, still get treatment up to a few months afterward.

Concerned About a Concussion?

To learn more about addressing concussions, Dr. Byrne has studied at Shift Concussion Management in Guelph. He has also taken additional training via the University of Laval.

During Dr. Byrne’s training, he was told about a former CFL player that had to retire from the league due to concussion-related problems. During his last game, the training staff went on the field and asked the player some basic questions. The man, who had scored three touchdowns, said he hadn’t scored at all. That was the last game he was ever able to play.

We don’t want to see any youth or adults in our community that have to give up on playing or risk a fatal injury. That’s why Dr. Dale Byrne provides concussion care.

Ensuring the Quickest Possible Recovery

After your comprehensive screening, if you’re found to be at risk of having a concussion, Dr. Byrne will advise you on the right way to rehabilitate your symptoms. It will be based on your specific injury. One aspect of concussion recovery that many aren’t aware of is the importance of unplugging. You may know that you should stay home from work or school, but you need to be sure to stay away from video games, computers, tablets and your phone, too.

By adhering carefully to directions, you’ll be amazed at your progress in the 48-72 hours after your concussion!

Contact Dr. Dale Byrne today to get the attention you need!

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