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Posture Analysis

Woman in pain at deskPostural strain can be the primary factor behind a lot of conditions that are common complaints within our office. Do you suffer from upper back and neck pain when you sit too long at a computer? Do you experience stiff and achy muscles after a long car ride? Do you experience a sore neck or headaches after reading too long or looking at your electronic devices for extended periods of time? Do you suffer from constant soreness or strains in the shoulder or elbow that seem to never go away. All of these conditions can be aggravated by postural strain within the body.

A patient’s posture can reveal a lot of information regarding the natural state of their soft tissue and in particular information about important muscle groups. Through postural analysis it is possible to determine which areas of the body are under more stress and strain than others and which muscle groups are causing this.

?Good posture is the ability of a person to maintain the alignment of certain body parts in relation to others. Poor posture is sub optimal alignment of these same areas and often leads to musculoskeletal pain, joint restriction or general discomfort. From a practitioner’s point of view, posture more precisely describes the relationships among various parts of the body, their anatomical arrangement and how well they do or do not fit together.

Postural Assessment

?The most basic type of posture analysis is done with the patient standing and doing a visual assessment with the naked eye. Major and obvious postural abnormalities can be seen using this particular method of a posture scan but one will not be able to detect the subtle smaller issues that can cause a lot of postural discomfort. Postural assessment by computerized analysis is considered the most precise and the method of choice within our office. The information collected will be used to analyze the postural issues present and a full written report is provided for you outlining our findings. We will also provide a home stretching program along with recommendations on how to improve your posture through both lifestyle changes and treatment.

Ergonomic Assessment

A more advanced postural assessment we offer is that of a seated postural assessment. This is done with you seated at your desk or work station either at your office or at home to give us further information about the postural strain you are experiencing. We will provide to you a means by which you will take pictures with you at your desk and upload them to our database. We will then take those pictures and analyze them to get an understanding of your postural strain within your work’s ergonomic environment.

Similar to a standing postural assessment, we will provide a full written report with our findings. We will then provide you with some tips to reduce your seated postural stain and how to adjust your chair, desk, computer and work space in general to improve the ergonomics of your work area.


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