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Concussions in Hockey

hockey players collisionAs our most-beloved and popular sport, hockey is played by kids and adults alike. Like any other contact sport, hockey can be rough. With the younger children’s’ leagues, there usually isn’t contact. Once it’s introduced, however, the game completely changes.

Impacts, Collisions and Trauma

With the collisions that occur so often in hockey, a concussion can result. You’ve probably seen a game stopped and someone go out on the ice to talk to a player who’s been hit hard. But did you know that you don’t have to have a direct hit to the head to have a concussion?

It can be as simple as the repeated collisions that knock your head backwards that trigger a concussion. Of course, falling and hitting your head is a red flag, too, and must be carefully evaluated.

Get the Immediate Attention You Need

It’s important that you are assessed by a someone who is fully trained in concussion protocols. If they find that there are no areas of concern, you’ll be able to get back to the match. If there are concerns, however, you’ll need to see your family medical doctor.

Knowing how to handle your family’s health crises is essential. If you require support, please contact Dr. Dale Byrne today!

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