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Staying Out of the Game

kid baseball playerAs a youth coach for an area Little League team, Dr. Byrne has seen his fair share of injuries. These injuries don’t only happen during a game, either – he’s seen children come to a game only to learn that they’ve had a collision at the park, hit their head while kicking a ball and tripping or having another problem that has affected the way they feel. AS a parent, it’s important to monitor your child’s behavior and attitude for anything outside of their normal.

If they have had an injury to the head or neck, there is a risk for concussion. You may not always know if your child is in trouble, as they may not want to tell you that they were roughhousing or doing something they shouldn’t have been. If you think there is a cause for concern, be sure that they refrain from any activity. They may be scheduled to play or want to go out with friends, but it’s important to be cleared by a professional first.

Have Your Child Assessed

If you think that your child has a concussion, the first thing you need to do is have an assessment. If there is a risk, you should see your family doctor right away. Your family doctor may advise you on what to do or refer you to a professional that is qualified in concussion testing and protocols.

The assessment performed at Dr. Dale Byrne includes looking at your

  • Cognitive function
  • Balance
  • Vestibular function
  • Neurological function
  • Visual function

Depending on the results, Dr. Byrne will advise you on the appropriate way to rehabilitate your concussion symptoms. We want you to rest up, heal and recover as quickly as possible! Contact Dr. Dale Byrne today to learn more.

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