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Taking Your "Norm" Into Account

test blood pressureAt Dr. Dale Byrne, we believe in customizing what we do to the individual. When it comes to assessing whether you’ve had a concussion, it’s equally vital to take an individual stance in your care.

Our Individualized Approach

Think about your blood pressure. The optimal blood pressure is considered to be 120/80. But suppose you’ve gone to your family doctor for a decade at regular intervals, and your blood pressure’s normal reading is 130/85. A stressful event can cause a spike in your blood pressure, taking it to 160/100. Though it goes back down to 130/85, other doctor might then be concerned because that is not at the optimal level.

For you, however, that is your “normal” blood pressure.

A Useful Measurement for Comparison

You can think of our baseline testing for concussion in the same manner. When we perform your tests, we can determine what your normal score is. If you have an incident that might result in a concussion, we’ll perform your testing again. WE can then compare your initial scores to how you are now to determine whether a concussion has likely occurred.

If you’re in your normal range that we initially read with your testing, we can infer that you don’t have a high risk of concussion. If your reading is out of the norm, however, we’ll determine the area of your brain that has been affected. Dr. Byrne can then start you on the correct protocol to rehabilitate your brain.

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