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The Effects of a Concussion On Your Brain

headache manYour brain is full of circuits and wiring that each affect different parts of your body, make up your personality traits or are responsible for your energy levels. These are just a few of the functions that our brain makes happen every day. When you have a concussion, you can think of it like an energy crisis in your brain. That’s what is responsible for the hazy, out-of-it feeling you have when you get a concussion.

As your blood flow and energy go down, you won’t feel like yourself – because at that time, your brain isn’t working like it normally does! You can think of it like scrambled wiring in your brain. How can you make sure that you return to normal?

Resetting Your Brain

We can reprogram the wiring in your brain, but we must first figure out which part of the brain is affected by your concussion. We check your cognitive function, balance, vestibular function, neurological function and visual function to determine which area is the problem. Once we know that, we can look at the protocol and rehabilitation that will reprogram the wiring in that area of your brain.

If you don’t locate which area of your brain is the problem, your concussion can take far longer to resolve.

Get the Rest You Need

When you stay home from work or school due to a concussion, you want to take it easy. That means no television, video games or reading. Though it’s tough to put down your phone or turn off the computer, you’ll be amazed at the results you see in just 48-72 hours.

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